Serine Tucci

Serine’s sketches focus on everyday life in the outskirts of Reading town centre. Many of them are along Oxford Road which is quite close to where I live. I’ve often thought stretches of Oxford Road would make great sketching subjects but have never felt quite comfortable enough to plonk myself down on the narrow pavement and risk the curiosity of the many passers-by! Serine though … Continue reading Serine Tucci

Sonya Chenery

Sonya Chenery’s artwork has a special place in our current exhibition due to her personal connection with the Royal Berkshire Hospital. With a background in fine art, two years ago Sonya was working on a PhD with the Department of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading. This was based around the Museum of English Rural Life’s huge collection of accounts by Second … Continue reading Sonya Chenery

The Last Abbot of Reading

On Wednesday we went to sketch during one of the final rehearsals of The Last Abbot of Reading by Rabble Theatre (opening tonight until the 3rd July). Hugh Cook: An unknown monk living quietly at Reading Abbey until a chance encounter with King Henry VIII results in an unexpected promotion. Suddenly propelled into a world of intrigue, politics and danger, Hugh must balance his beliefs … Continue reading The Last Abbot of Reading

Janina Maher

I’ve been drawing buildings for decades, and remember as a young teenager going on drawing expeditions with my Dad. I’ve always been fascinated by buildings – small, big, ornate, ugly – they all have some merit when you look closely. A few years ago I discovered that Urban Sketching was an actual Thing! I quickly joined USk Reading and have been on several plein air … Continue reading Janina Maher

Mohan Banerji

I first met Mohan on a sketch meet with the USk London Chapter around St Pancras Station back in 2016. This was my first outing with Urban Sketchers and I’ve since learned it was also Mohan’s! When I finally found the Reading group it was great to see a familiar face. Since being part of the team that started the Urban Sketchers Reading group Mohan … Continue reading Mohan Banerji

Sayani Drury

Taking us into the weekend is another artist from our current RBH exhibition. Sayani Drury’s style has a dreamy quality to it, particularly her trees. The painting shown below is called Long Shadows out the window and is one of my favourite pieces in the whole exhibition. The shadows together with the curving, reaching tree branches, lead your eye around and back again and I … Continue reading Sayani Drury